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“JJ3Consulting.” with combined experience of over 40 years in the heating and air conditioning industry. We provide heating and cooling load calculations, Manual J, S, and D for residential and small commercial projects.  The coupling of years of field experience in HVAC installations, along with continuing education with Wrightsoft software produces realistic, and pragmatic HVAC load models.  

Most cities only require the Manual J calculation. However, we can help your business be a differentiator in the marketplace by providing added value to your clients by fine tuning heating and cooling load calculations with the Manual calculations. 

The services are on a per project basis, keeping your direct costs low, while enhancing the quality of your deliverables to your clients.  We welcome the opportunity to help your business succeed. 




Manual J

Based on an architectural blueprint, we can determine the air conditioning and heating load calculation for new construction residential properties.

Manual S

Can provide system information and model numbers for the HVAC equipment in Wrightsoft that is available for installation.

Manual D

Can provide the duct work information for flex duct or metal ducts on the project after completing the load calculations.

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Interested in our services? Have a question about your HVAC needs? We have over 40 years of experience in the business and are well versed in manual J,S, and D programs. Send us a message - we are ready to help.

- JJ3Consulting

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